Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black Hills Gold Bridal Sets

Couples like to buy matching bridal set to maintain a tradition of having a engagement ring that matches perfectly with the wedding ring.

The benefit of buying the bridal set is not to worry about a matching ring for the wedding later. Getting the wedding band along with the engagement ring assures a perfect coordination for both rings. Also you can have them sized correctly so you need not worry about finding a ring that coordinates the diamond quality, metal color, height, width, and the ring size of the engagement ring. When you buy them together, you will find that you will save not only money, but also time in doing so.

This week BuyBlackHillsGold has featured two beautiful black hills gold bridal sets from their collection of high quality black hills gold wedding rings at 

The first is a stunning 10k Gold Black Hills Bridal Set. This set has two green 12k gold leaves and two rose 12k gold leaves with five brilliant diamonds. At the heart of this romantic bridal set design is a gorgeous center diamond available in 3 different sizes. The large center diamond is flanked by two of the four grape leaves and two smaller diamonds. The wedding band features the other two diamonds along with two more grape leaves. When worn together you have the beautiful illusion of one ring.

The second one is a exquisitely crafted 14k Black Hills Gold Antiqued Diamond Bridal Set. This set features a .10 carat diamond set in black antiquing accompanied by two smaller diamonds, one on the black hills gold wedding ring and the other on the black hills gold engagement ring.

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  1. The Black Hills Gold Bridal Sets look simply great on wedding occasion where as diamond wedding sets are truly designed for wedding.